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Mobile application that automatically captures selfies in real-time all the time from LIVE HD imaging satellites of Earth

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App determines user's location via location services on mobile device and displays a live video on the window of your smartphone or tablet at street-level.


The app will automatically capture a beautiful selfie in real-time in 3 seconds, giving you enough time to pose for the picture. 

Save the Photo

Save the picture to your photo library and picture message your friends and family whom you took the picture with.

About Autocap™

What is Autocap™?

Autocap™ will be a mobile application that automatically captures selfies in real-time all the time from advanced live hd imaging satellites on a smartphone or tablet. Photos at street-level or any angle you wish. 

How much will the app cost?

Autocap™ will be a free to download mobile application with a $4.99 monthly subscription fee for unlimited pictures. Why is it priced so low? Because I want it to be affordable for everyone. The reason I, Kevin Zarbailov, created this app is to solve the problem of a family member or friend not to be missed out from group pictures anymore due to that individual volunteering to snap the photo. 

How does it work? 

The user turns his/her location services on on mobile device, and live imagery instantly appears on the window of his/her smartphone or tablet. The user can adjust the view then automatically capture an hd image in 3 seconds, giving the people in the photograph enough time to pose for the picture and put their phones away. The user can then look back at his/her smartphone or tablet and save the picture to photo library on mobile device. 

Imagery Provider:

Earthnow (Earthnow.com), affiliated with Nasa, is currently in the production of advanced live hd imaging satellites, to be placed into space soon for the public to watch almost any place on Earth as a live streaming video for Earth observatory purposes. Successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Greg Wyler and large corporations such as SoftBank Group and Airbus invested billions of dollars for Earthnow. Earthnow is willing to do business with inventors based on their app, however we hope to raise enough money to set up a license agreement with Earthnow to license their imagery. I am currently in contact with Earthnow. 

How will Autocap™ benefit its user and the world?

Autocap™ will benefit its' users greatly by providing them with beautiful pictures; and family members/friends would not have to be missed out from pictures anymore to snap the picture. Imagine a picture taken from a live hd imaging satellite! Autocap™ will benefit the world by making it a safer place; reducing crime rate dramatically. Here is the reason why; criminals would think plenty of times now before performing an illegal act knowing anybody anywhere around them has the criminal on camera. Thus, that will be the case because Autocap™ will be an extremely popular app and the new photography trend.

Raising funds for: 

I am raising funds to get AutoCap™ off its feet. I am raising funds to hire gis analysts, hire gis specialists and senior gis engineers; to set up a license agreement with Earthnow(currently in contact with them) to license their imagery; raise funds for lawyer fees and hire app developers to create the app. The more we raise, the more we can accomplish. Thank you to all funders that help bring AutoCap™ into reality. I appreciate it.  

Patent Pending:

I am currently patent pending on my invention, Autocap™, both nationally and internationally. 

How did I come up with the invention?

I was bike riding with my brother and several friends on the streets of Montreal, Canada. At the time we decided we all wanted a picture together, there was nobody around to take the picture for us and none of us wanted any one of us to be left out from the picture. It took us around 30 minutes to find somebody to take the picture for us. From thereon, I knew this issue had to be resolved as soon as possible. Later in the evening, we all went to a rooftop of a hotel for dinner. I started wondering, how do we get a beautiful picture of our surroundings while the whole group remains in the picture and without asking anybody take the picture for us. I thought of Google Earth and waited until Google Earth or another company went live. Earthnow is producing these satellites now. 

Risks & Challenges

I do not see any risks and challenges with my invention because prior to filing for a patent i paid two patent attorney to conduct two thorough searches if anybody filed for a patent for an invention equivalent to mine and no files came up. I was the first to create this. 

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